A visual guide to HSE guidelines for COVID-19 Testing and Isolation in Ireland

Updated to latest guidelines 16th Jan 2022

Please note if you are considered at high-risk or if you are a healthcare worker different rules may apply. Please consult your GP or employer in that case.

To get started choose the purple box in the flowchart below that applies to you. If more than one purple box applies to you, choose the first (lowest numbered) one that applies.


This website provides visual guides to COVID-19 testing and isolation rules in the Republic of Ireland. The information contained on this website is an interpretation of the official guidelines listed on the HSE website and partly based on flowcharts made by HPSC Ireland. While every effort is made to ensure the information here is accurate, you should consider the HSE website as the official source of information. Publication of these visual guides is NOT an endorsement or approval of the official HSE guidelines. Please do NOT make contact to point out inconsistencies which exist in the original HSE recommendations.

If you notice any errors in the information provided here or if you have suggestions for improvement please contact me